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Electrifying.world is your blog on renewable energy. We look at this central topic, considering the scientific foundations, developing technologies and evolving business opportunities. We are ready for a decarbonised economy, are you?

This month's feature

This month’s focus is on carbon capture, as without it, decarbonisation is not possible. We cover everything from natural carbon capture to man-made carbon capture plants!

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) – Milking the sun

Solar electricity is generated by sunlight (solar radiation) hitting semiconductors within the PV cell resulting in freed electrons.

Hydropower – the most substantial renewable energy source

Hydropower is a renewable, versatile, flexible technology that can meet the demand ranging from single households to industry and the public.

COVID-19 – The financial crisis of 2008 was a piece of cake

We see ourselves heading towards the next crisis at a frightening pace, but surely, we should be prepared from past crises, right?

Electric cars will save the planet! Do they actually?

BEVs are well-established for being an environmentally friendly solution to achieve the ambitious climate goals of several governments.