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Electrifying.world is your blog on renewable energy. We look at this central topic, considering the scientific foundations, developing technologies and evolving business opportunities. We are ready for a decarbonised economy, are you?

This month's feature

This month’s focus is on carbon capture, as without it, decarbonisation is not possible. We cover everything from natural carbon capture to man-made carbon capture plants!

Geothermal energy to solve renewable baselaod issue

The inability of renewables to provide baseload power remains a challenge, but there is a possible solution, namely geothermal energy.

Successful Energy Transition needs a Democratization in use of existing infrastructure

Isn’t it great how many private house owners had solar PV panels put onto their roofs do something against Climate Change?

Carbon emissions are shocking when ordering online

Have you ever thought about your Amazon delivery in terms of carbon emissions? If you haven’t yet, then this is a must read!

How to stop climate change and help the environment

What can each and everyone of us do to help stop climate change and global warming? Follow these steps to help the world.

What is happening in aviation to address climate change?

With the Air Transport Action Group having committed to reducing 50% of its CO2 emissions by 2050, the aviation industry faces severe challenges.

Is the private sector fit for the energy transition?

We have researched the private sector to obtain a more in-depth look into the big players and their plans for the renewable revolution.

How to accomplish the energy transition

Want to save time reading a 400-page IEA-Report, then read this summary of the most essential information instead about the energy transition!

What will power plants look like in the future?

Soon, we expect houses to become independent power plants, sustaining themselves and operating as part of a smart micro-grid.