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    Why reading – the renewable energy blog – is a must?

    Electrifying is the renewable energy blog founded by Markus Dirnbacher & Michael Bürger to provide useful and up to date content about renewable energy. This blog is relevant for anyone interested in renewable energies, no matter if you are just getting started, are an informed individual, work in related industries, or are an expert in the field. We include all different kinds of sustainable energy sources, technologies and business opportunities, for our readers. Our goal is to provide reliable information to our audience.  

    Electrifying will deliver up to date, as well as, thoroughly researched posts that will help readers understand the world of renewable energy. This blog will give our readers detailed insights into the world of renewable energy and will confront them with bold statements to think about. All information in our posts have gone through extensive research, relevant for the topic. Readers will save time and energy with the Electrifying’s blog. 

    Readers can look forward to weekly updates by new blog posts being published every Thursday. Comments and thoughts are more than welcome as interesting ideas will be considered for future posts to let you be part of the movement as well.

    So, what is it precisely that you, as a reader, can look forward to?

    • well researched, critically looked at, and useful information on selected topics in the field of renewable energy
    • insights into originating and possible future technologies in the same field
    • potential related business opportunities 
    • bold statements to think about (that will also be argued for and defended by us)
    • the possibility to stay up to date with relatively little time consumption 

    And last but not least, to continue being a life-long-learner! 

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