Solar Plant Availability (AV) – are you exporting?

Imagine a world where our energy needs are met with the clean, infinite power of the sun. This isn’t a distant future scenario; it’s progressing now, thanks to the rapid growth of solar energy. But how do we ensure these solar plants are operating at their peak? The answer lies in a critical industry benchmark […]

Energy Review: Global Growth Sets New Records in 2023

2023 was an unprecedented year in renewables energies, adding more capacity than ever before. Read the energy review to find out even more.

Understanding Performance Ratio (PR): The Key to Solar Plant Efficiency and Value

In the world of utility-scale solar energy, Performance Ratio (PR) is a critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI). It indicates both the quality of technical design and informs commercial valuation. This KPI is not just about a solar plant’s efficiency; it’s about its overall health and profitability. Let’s delve into what PR is, how to calculate […]

Blue carbon and what you need to know about it!

Blue carbon is a natural way of extracting carbon from the air into the many oceans and water bodies we have on this planet.

Reducing carbon emissions is paramount in avoiding a climate catastrophe 

A climate catastrophe can only be avoided by reducing carbon emissions – FAST! Latest developments see carbon emissions rising though.

Why smart cities are the future of cities

Smart cities will be vital in achieving a successful energy transition. They will soon become the new normal and are the future of cities.