Renewables still can’t meet the increase in electricity demand  

Renewables are not expanding quickly enough to meet the global electricity demand. In fact, carbon emissions are set to rise in 2021 & 2022.

Reducing carbon emissions is paramount in avoiding a climate catastrophe 

A climate catastrophe can only be avoided by reducing carbon emissions – FAST! Latest developments see carbon emissions rising though.

Successful Energy Transition needs a Democratization in use of existing infrastructure

Isn’t it great how many private house owners had solar PV panels put onto their roofs do something against Climate Change?

What is happening in aviation to address climate change?

With the Air Transport Action Group having committed to reducing 50% of its CO2 emissions by 2050, the aviation industry faces severe challenges.

Are our government policies sufficient for reducing carbon emissions?

Governments around the world have set ambitious climate targets that even exceed the Paris agreement. We looked at these government policies.