Renewables still can’t meet the increase in electricity demand  

Renewables are not expanding quickly enough to meet the global electricity demand. In fact, carbon emissions are set to rise in 2021 & 2022.

Why smart cities are the future of cities

Smart cities will be vital in achieving a successful energy transition. They will soon become the new normal and are the future of cities.

Infrastructure isn’t ready for BEV!

To avoid increasing instability and consequently ‘blackouts’ of the power grid, massive investments into energy infrastructure are a must!

Carbon emissions are shocking when ordering online

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How to stop climate change and help the environment

What can each and everyone of us do to help stop climate change and global warming? Follow these steps to help the world.

Is the private sector fit for the energy transition?

We have researched the private sector to obtain a more in-depth look into the big players and their plans for the renewable revolution.