Electrifying is a blog founded by Markus Dirnbacher & Micheal Bürger. It provides useful, contemporary, critically analysed content about the central subject: renewable energy. It covers all different kinds of sustainable energy sources, considering their originating technologies, scientific foundations and business operations. The co-founding team has always striven for excellence, and their approach to this blog is no different.

About Markus

Markus Dirnbacher | CoFounder & Chief Editor

I am a problem solver by nature; always drawn to complex issues and keen to seek solutions. This has been evident throughout my education and career. Arguably, climate change is the biggest challenge faced by humanity. It is therefore no surprise that I was drawn to the renewable energy industry as this industry undoubtedly holds some of the answers to this problem. However, it is also a rapidly expanding and developing industry, creating some interesting dilemmas of its own. This blog is my contribution to making this dynamic, fast moving industry more accessible, and creating a space for discussion where further answers may be unlocked.

About Michael

Michael Bürger | CoFounder & Chief Editor

A clear understanding of the facts is essential in not only decision making but questioning the status quo. Starting when I was little, I was already critical and would not be satisfied with an answer like “I’m not entirely sure” or “I don’t know”. Instead, I would keep digging until I received a comprehensive explanation. Questioning the “as-is-state” and inducing change has been not only my internal engine but also my daily companion throughout all my endeavours. Consequently, people describe me as a person who is critical, hands-on, and one that is constantly looking for new challenges to delve into. Hence, founding Electrifying together with Markus is our way of contributing to a better overall understanding of head-scratching topics.

About Ashleigh

Ashleigh Rees | Copy Editor

Throughout my philosophy degrees I have developed an avid interest in issues of environmental ethics. I believe everyone has a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future. Even small acts count; hence, my interest in contributing to this blog which aims to educate around the central topic of renewable energy.

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