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Electrifying.world is your blog on renewable energy. We look at this central topic, considering the scientific foundations, developing technologies and evolving business opportunities. We are ready for a decarbonised economy, are you?

This month's feature

This month’s focus is on carbon capture, as without it, decarbonisation is not possible. We cover everything from natural carbon capture to man-made carbon capture plants!

What do you know about green carbon?  

Without green carbon, the world as we know it would not exist! But ongoing deforestation is threatening our standard of living severely.

Blue carbon and what you need to know about it!

Blue carbon is a natural way of extracting carbon from the air into the many oceans and water bodies we have on this planet.

Excurse: The EUs zero interest rate policy and the effects on renewable energy investment  

The zero interest rate policy of the EU, combined with financing mechanisms contributed towards cost reductions and spurred investments.

Behind the scenes of water vapour 

Water vapour accounts for roughly 97% of the total GHG which are polluting the air. But how much do you actually know about water vapour?

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